Then We Were Four – Petit Girl’s Birth Pt 1

June was not a friendly month to our family. My partner's Nana had passed away and we decided to take our son and he enjoyed meeting family he had not seen since he was a baby. I was heavily pregnant at this point and already suffered back pains to which no amount of pain relief I could get over the counter would even touch on the issue. Before we left the in-laws told us they were going to take a weekend holiday to relax which we totally understood and after my several hospital visits with nothing to show that anything was wrong with me or my baby except pains and discomfort they joked saying “don't go into labour!” as they said they would take care of their grandson whilst we were in hospital and we all laughed, my due date was 4th July snd my son was overdue so I wasn't concerned.

The next few days sort of just flew by, nothing special but when Friday came I was in pain and discomfort. I timed myself and they felt like contractions but they were all over the place. The pain was too much for me, I was crying so my fiancé took me to hospital and went back home with our son. He expected me to ring back to ask for a pick up an hour later, he was getting fed up of these visits to the ward as they weren't cheap! But this wasn't the same.

The monitor was beeping loudly. What was wrong? This doesn't sound good and this didn't happen before. The midwife asked me to sit in a different position and moved the pads around, it continued to bleep loudly so she gave me a cold cup of water as she was concerned I was dehydrated. I drank and drank, even gave them a sample as I drank so damn much but the bleeping wouldn't stop. Finally they told me yes I was having contractions but they were all over the place and the warning sound was because her heart rate was 170 sometimes higher. Because of this they rushed me to the maternity ward, popped me on a bed and gave me some pills. I didn't know what to think, I just told me fiancé on the phone what they told me and if he could see me. Lucky for me he's a smart man and had asked our close friend to watch our son just incase.

It was decided I needed to stay overnight to see if things calm down. I was in a shared room forced to watch Big Bloody God Damn Brother, oh and it was left on all night. ALL NIGHT! I barely slept I couldn't get comfortable and kept calling for a nurse to hand me more pain relief. The male nurse was amazing, wished I had the moment to thank him for his positive vibe and great bedside manners. Sadly I only saw him one more time and I didn't really know what was going to happen over the next few days.

Morning came and the consultant and midwife arrived with machines, gloves and even a cup of tea. Sadly I was 0cm and contractions had gone, but I was in so much pain so agreed to keep me in just to be safe. They recommended walking to get things going. Now when you can barely move due to being either in so much pain or due to being drugged up to the eyeballs that's pretty hard to do but I did it. My fiancé came over and walked with me, brought me some bits and bobs and even some snacks. I needed him to keep me sane after the night of Big Brother.

That's part 1 over with! I shall blog the rest of it soon.