The Cost of Uniform?

I have been doing the uniform dance that all parents do around this time of the year. Rushing around buying the correct attire for their children to wear, their wallets begging “please no more!” as we rip them open again and take out what we need to pay the unforgiving cost for this outfit that they just wear. But why does it feel this way? Why do we feel as if uniforms are for those who can afford to look the part? Continue reading

One Week Til School

One week til my first born wears his uniform, his jacket and walks with me to the school gate for the first time.

One week til I watch him go in to his classroom and stay there for his first full day away from me and his family.

One week til I pick him up after school and hear about his first day, what he did, what he learned, who he met, how he feels.

One week til I have to let him go. Continue reading

Review: Clarks Shoes And Fitting

A while ago I got an email asking if I would like to work with a shoe brand and thought actually yes that would be rather good for my blog and then found out it was one of the best brands out there… Clarks!

I say that because as a child Clarks was THE place to get school shoes. No one made lovely, long lasting school shoes that fit a child with wide or slim feet. I’m a slim footed lady and always was as a little girl. Infact my mother took me to a Clarks store which was oddly enough run by a man called Mr Clark. No relation just pure luck that he had the same name as the company! Anyway he was amazing and always got the shoes to fit my slim fit for school with little hassle. Continue reading

Tots Bots Easyfits Comparison Video

I rarely do video posts anymore but I will soon change that! Please forgive my god awful “erm”-ing I will work on that over time. I just need to be more prepared and less shy! So here’s a video showing the Tots Bots Easyfit V3 and V4. The V4 is the latest version and you can buy them here. You can also find the Birthday Print seen in the video here.

Continue reading