Macmillan Game Changers 24 Hours Gaming Stream

Macmillan Cancer Support is delighted to announce a new fundraising event involving the biggest gamers playing the most popular games in a 24-hour marathon.

The event, Game Changers for Macmillan, is 24 hours that will help change lives with every penny raised helping to fund Macmillan’s vital work supporting people affected by cancer.

Using the video streaming platform Twitch, 17 gamers including LTZonda, Spamfish and LeahLovesChief will spend 24 hours gaming at Twitch HQ from 12pm on 14 November until 12pm the following day. People can tune in to watch them gaming via the Macmillan Twitch Account and throughout, the gamers will be encouraging people to donate to Macmillan by completing challenges.

Alongside the main event, people can sign up and hold their own DIY 24-hour gaming marathons and inspire donations by completing crazy forfeits. Those who raise more than £150 will be entered into a draw by Macmillan and be in with a chance to win exclusive prizes donated by HyperX and Twitch.
Sponsoring the event is HyperX, the leading designer and manufacturer of memory and gaming hardware. HyperX is known throughout the world for quality, performance and innovation and is committed to the e-Sports and gaming community; sponsoring 30 teams globally in addition to supporting both grass roots and global tournaments and events.
Ben Welch, Head of Fundraising Development at Macmillan Cancer Support, says: “The idea for Game Changers for Macmillan came about when one fundraiser last year, raised over £40,000 for Macmillan in under a week doing a similar thing. His fundraising forfeit was to dye his hair bright purple!
“Whether with friends or going solo, people can set up their own Twitch channel and ask viewers, followers, friends and family for their support. We want our gaming marathon to be a fun and easy way for people to help raise vital funds to support Macmillan’s aim of ensuring that no one faces cancer alone.”
Vincent Jurgens, HyperX Marketing Manager, EMEA, says: “HyperX is delighted to support Game Changers for Macmillan. Alongside our friends at Twitch TV, the 24 hour event is an exciting way for the e-sports community to support such a commendable charity through what they do best; gaming. The money raised will help fund the phenomenal work Macmillan undertakes by supporting people affected by cancer.”
For more information on how to take part or sign up, head to


So I love games, I love my family and I love writing and doing videos related to these things. But as I’m a SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) I make zero monies. My partner works a 5 days a week job to pay for everything but it pretty much pays for food, bills and then the extra goes on clothes or fixing things which is basically everything in this house.  So I thought would add information on how you could contribute.

First of all I don’t want you to think I’m begging or forcing you to help me out. Just that you know you can if you want to. There’s several ways you can contribute so here we go!

Amazon Wish List
A lot of big buys are on here but also some Funko Pops as well as some films for my kids to watch for those times I need an hour to edit a video or write a post here in peace. But also this is where you’ll see some video games I’d love to record/stream/write about that perhaps I cannot afford right now. the big buys tend to be things that’ll upgrade my work such as a better keyboard (this one is huge compared to my tiny fingers!) and a spare microphone as we have been talking about doing some couples gaming videos together in the future. Anyone who buys from this list and includes their name with it I’ll add to the Contributors list on my website, YouTube and Twitch.

I sometimes stream video games and sometimes I stream drawings I’m working on. You’re more then welcome to pop a tip in my Twitch Tips jar from as little or as much as you want. If you do it whilst I am streaming then you’ll see it pop up on screen and get a shout out and huge thanks from me. Again you’ll be thanked for any donations made.

Steam Wish List
There’s a LOT of games I want to play on Steam. I try and put them in order but it’s hard to say what games I really want. Undertale… god dammit I want you so badly I may just buy it myself. If you read this and Undertale isn’t first on my Wishlist probably means I did buy it and now I’m eating dirt til Christmas. Anyway as said before anyone who donates by buying a Steam game for me you’ll be added to a contributors list on here, YouTube and Twitch.

You can also commission me for artwork. I mostly draw Minecraft skins for £15-£30 for a single person. Otherwise that’s about it, folks! Thank you for reading these rather dull post and for those who can’t donate, don’t feel bad! I see my views on my website and those help me too. You can still help by commenting, sharing my stuff via social media or just following me. Any of these helps!

Terraria – Nighthunter87
Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants – Nighthunter87

My Artwork – Answering Questions

I’ve had a lot of questions about my artwork and I feel it’s probably a good idea to answer them in one place. Hopefully this will help out and if I haven’t answered your question then feel free to tweet me!

What program do you use to draw?
I use Clip Studio Paint Pro. It’s very much like Manga Studio, with a few differences and made by the same company. If you can’t afford it keep an eye on their social media pages as they often do special discount events and could bag yourself a bargain!

What drawing tablet do you use?
I use a Wacom Bamboo  It’s pretty old, and I believe my version of Bamboo is now the current version of Intuos which you can find here. It’s not too expensive and has lasted me so long!


How did you start drawing Minecraft characters?
Well I was on Twitch a lot and one day found this guy called Vanir112. I decided to check him out and saw him draw some amazing stuff in his own style of Minecraft. I started watching PixelsMedia4 on YouTube and on Twitch and they both would answer my dumb questions (thanks guys!) and so got my drawing pad out and started to draw. I really recommend Vanir’s video on Simple Mincraft Perspective. I learnt the basics of this during my short stay in Graphic Design at school before they made a fuss about me being a girl and got put in to Textiles but bending cubes was new to me. So check them both out!


Can you draw my character/make me a YouTube banner for free?
Sorry, no. I am a full time mother of two kids and kids need a roof over their head, heating to keep them warm, food and help them grow and a mother who isn’t spending her whole time doing free work. I need to make money to pay the bills and buy food. I sometimes do fan art and usually I do this because I want to and not because I was asked. My prices are fairly reasonable so just ask me and I’ll get back to you.


How do you live stream?
I use OBS (Open Broadcast Software) which is free to download and a Blue Snowball microphone. I also use these for making my Speed Art videos and use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit them.

Can I watch you draw live?
You can indeed! Check me out on Twitch and give me a follow. Any donations given will go towards making better quality streams, videos and artwork.

Hope I’ve answered some of your questions. Feel free to ask me others either comment below or on Instagram or Twitter as I’m always on there and happy to chat!

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Commission Speed Art – SnakeDoctor & SolidarityGaming

I’ve been drawing a lot recently and had a fair few people say I should do commissions. One of them being SnakeDoctor. He spoke to me about perhaps doing something for a new series before Minevention, then few weeks after the event commissioned me to do this. Now this is the art used for the CrazyCrafters Season 2 thumbnails. Am I chuffed? Yeah I could say I am.

Anyway here’s the speed art. Sorry I’m so bad at updating my videos to here, I really should get better at that!