Tots Bots Easyfits Comparison Video

I rarely do video posts anymore but I will soon change that! Please forgive my god awful “erm”-ing I will work on that over time. I just need to be more prepared and less shy! So here’s a video showing the Tots Bots Easyfit V3 and V4. The V4 is the latest version and you can buy them here. You can also find the Birthday Print seen in the video here.

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Then We Were Four – Petit Girl’s Birth Pt 1

June was not a friendly month to our family. My partner’s Nana had passed away and we decided to take our son and he enjoyed meeting family he had not seen since he was a baby. I was heavily pregnant at this point and already suffered back pains to which no amount of pain relief I could get over the counter would even touch on the issue. Before we left the in-laws told us they were going to take a weekend holiday to relax which we totally understood and after my several hospital visits with nothing to show that anything was wrong with me or my baby except pains and discomfort they joked saying “don’t go into labour!” as they said they would take care of their grandson whilst we were in hospital and we all laughed, my due date was 4th July snd my son was overdue so I wasn’t concerned. Continue reading