The Ultimate Live Streaming Setup

Hey everyone! Some of you may know that I often live stream over on Twitch  but I also took part in a survey by on The Ultimate Live Streaming Setup. Several live streamers took part and answered some questions such as what our current setup is like, what we love out of our current streaming equipment (mine got quoted in the article) and other information.


Whilst I’m still a small fish in a sea of way cooler looking fish, it was great to be asked for my thoughts and even be quoted in the article. My current setup is basic but I would love to get myself a Video Capture Card so I can live stream console games such as Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon.

On that note here’s the awesome article. Huge thanks to for including me and many other cool Twitch live streamers. It gives you an idea of the cost of doing it, some of the top channels on Twitch and programs we all use. Thanks for reading!

Minecraft Servers I Love

I thought I’d tell you guys a bit about some Minecraft Servers I love to play on and perhaps we can even play together! Any way here’s the list and a little bit about them too.


The Enchanted Isle –
Also known as TEI so if you see me say TEI then you know what I mean. This was my first server I ever joined and still go there every so often. Downside for me has always been it’s quiet during UK day time which is when I normally play. However in the afternoon and evening it gets busier. I’d love for more people to check this server out, specially Ballistic Bows which is by far my favourite game in general.


The Hive – (for European Players)
I love The Lab, full of whacky mini games that are randomly picked by a rather crazy doctor (I question if he’s really a doctor at all – gulp!) as well as tons of other fun mini games. I am a bit of a pro at DrawIt, however be warned you may get some immature player draw something inappropriate which is why I’ve not been playing it as often as not fun to record or stream when someone does that.


Hypixel –
I’ve spent so much time here recently! I’m addicted to Build Battles, and to make it worse they’ve added a bunch of new words to the game. Really tests your building skills under a time limit! Turbo Racing is also on Hypixel which is very much like Mario Kart if it were made to run in Minecraft. Again loads of other mini games but these two are my favourite.

I’ve recently joined a few other servers which I will surely add to an updated list after I test them out some more. I’m also hoping to try out some UHC servers specially as UHC Zone appears to have returned at long last! What Minecraft servers do you play on? Do you play on any of these servers and if so what do you like about them? Leave a comment below!

Games I’m Currently Playing

So I’ve been quiet recently for a number of reasons. For one I’ve been playing games and the other because my PC keeps resetting mid-stream. But I thought I’d talk about the games I’ve been playing recently.

Cook, Serve, Delicious
I got this on the Steam Sale and been streaming it. I absolutely love it, so addictive and fun. You basically run a restaurant and over time you get better, buy better quality food, have a new restaurant and battle dirty dishes and health inspectors. I got this super cheap during the same but really full price is pretty good.


When am I not playing Minecraft? Recently lots of Build Battles which I’ve been posting up on my YouTube Channel but I want to try and start a proper show. I’ve been looking in to some mods and would love to start a world where one day I can perhaps invite fellow YouTubers or Streamers. We shall see!

Broken Age
I use to LOVE point and click games, anyone remember Day of the Tentacle? Sam and Max? Well Broken Age is basically those sort of games but with a beautiful art style. You get to play as two different characters and can switch between them. The puzzles can be hard but that’s what I loved about them. I’ve not played too much as seems this game murders our computer but hopefully after some repair work I’ll be able to play some more. Again this is a game I got on sale during Steam Sale.

broken ageDisney Infinity 2.0
When they announced 3.0 I decided to play it on the PC and stream 2.0 to celebrate. It’s the first time I’ve been able to play this game as my son always wants to play it so had fun doing the Avengers story mode. I hoep to do Spider Man as some point as well so watch this space! If you haven’t checked out the 3.0 coming soon I suggest you do, specially if you love Star Wars.

Got any other games you’d think I would enjoy? Feel free to comment below! I’m tempted to return to Heroes of the Storm as it’s been a long time. I miss Diablo, he must be lonely without me now.


How I Feel After E3

So I watched Geek & Sundry’s E3 Coverage. Firstly I love their hosts but Jess was an absolute star with her interviewing and showing us around E3. Anyway the downside of being in the UK is time zones and so I had to re-watch most of the stuff later. Firstly the main things I wanted to hear/see were Fallout, Animal Crossing and Halo 5: Guardians.

First let me talk about Nintendo. I was so angry. So very angry that they pushed a stupid game like Mario Maker so hard, but left such an amazing looking game as Fast Racing Neo very under hyped. Sorry I’m not a kid and 8 bit on a Wii U console isn’t anything we asked for. Get over yourselves, Nintendo. You are clingy to the past like a middle aged man refusing to believe he’s getting too old to own a Ferrari or do cool stuff. Fast Racing Neo looks like F-Zero and Wipeout mashed together and oh my gosh the speed and graphics looked brilliant. Cannot wait to see more of that!

And let’s not forget that the one game I was dying to hear about which was Animal Crossing Wii U. I hadn’t seen it and my fiancé told me it was announced, instantly wanted it. Then I saw the video.

I flipped a table.

I screamed as I flipped more tables.

I ran out of tables that hadn’t already been flipped with rage.

What the hell, Nintendo? No one wanted Mario Party with Animal Crossing characters. This is not what we Animal Crossing fans asked for. So the Biggest Disappointed of E3 Award goes to…. Animal Crossing Wii U. Thank you, Nintendo. Nice try but I won’t touch that game or those Amiibos unless you make a proper game. I dislike it so much I’m not even going to bother showing it on my blog.

Up next is Sony. I think this year made me hate Sony more then ever. Why? Because they splashed out of owning tons of “exclusive on Playstation” content. I can play Destiny on Xbox or Playstation but if I wanted a certain gun I had to buy Playstation first and play that version, not the Xbox version. I hate this, it’s desperation and waste of god damn money on Sony’s behalf. However Sony have contributed towards Shenmue 3, so they get a few goodness points there. Final Fantasy 7 remake was also announced and… I don’t know, guys. I want to be excited but the teenager in me has long gone. I’m 29 years old and it’s been 18 years since the original (I think? Maybe my Maths is wrong)  and about the only tiny thing I may care about is Cloud cross-dressing but that’s not enough for me to buy it. To me, Sony didn’t announce anything that made me want a Playstation. Sorry, Sony. However as I know many people are excited for this here’s the trailer.

Microsoft are next! Finally we can play 360 games on the Xbox One. I was so happy about this but after a few days of mulling it over I went “hang on if they can do this now why wasn’t be available before?”. Feels bit cheesy. Maybe that’s just me though. Anyway Halo 5 was shown and being a Halo fan I was hyped, though still felt desperate for more, which is good because showing too much isn’t always the best way to sell a product, specially a video game which a story behind it. To be honest I felt Microsoft did fairly well this year. Check out this game play and bit more to the Halo 5 story below. Oh and did I say Nathan Fillion is in this game? That’s a perfectly good reason to love it already.

Fallout 4 was announced. Love this trailer so much I’m linking it below. Seriously I cannot wait for it to come out. Partly want it on PC but then realising the PC is getting dated think the XBox One will run it better. I’m sure Playstation 4 will be optimal if you have one. Oh and perhaps it’s just me being a sissy but I watered up when saw the baby cot and the radio presenter at that moment. So shall just warn you of the feels there if you’re as mushy as me.

So what did you like about E3? Did you see any Indie Games you enjoyed? Or perhaps you diagree with my likes and dislikes? Comment below and hope you had a fun E3 viewing!