Hypixel – Pixel Painters

Brand new mini-game has arrived at the Minecraft server Hypixel. Here’s my first video of the game and be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Pixel Painters, Build Battles, Modded Minecraft and other video games.

Minecon 2015 – About 1.9

So Minecon 2015 is over and must admit I thought we weren’t going to hear anything about 1.9 by the end of day one but day two slapped me in the face with all sorts of news. So where do we begin?


For extra defence you will be able to hold a shield and design it using banners so it’ll be however you want it to look. This was only shown in a screenshot as it’s still in the works but it will happen at some point during 1.9 and I’m loving the idea.

Dominate Hand
I think nearly all the left handed folks who play Minecraft cheered at this. It’s a small thing to add to the game but I think it’s a very nice touch. My son is left handed and it’s been a task and a half trying to show him how to write, hold a pencil and even simple things you and I wouldn’t consider tricky are like super complex for a 5 year old living in a right handed family. But what really is exciting that connects to this little update for 1.9 is…

Duel Wield
This! We will be able to hold two items at once. You will be able to mine whilst you have a sword in your other hand so you feel safe and can battle silverfish or unwanted cave spiders as you mine away. I did notice that whilst you can hold a bow and a sword the moment you try and pull the bow to shoot your other hand disappears as it requires two hands to shoot. Love to see how this plays out. Speaking of bows…


More Arrow Types
You can now tip your arrows with potions so as to poison mobs from far away. There is also an arrow being added called Spectral Arrow. This will leave an outline around the mob or player hit by it and you can see that outline even behind walls for a limited time period. Clever, eh?


Shulker Mob
A new mob that is kind of like a turret that shoots almost a homing missile. This will be found in The End and in a new place called…

End City Dungeon
Yes they are adding more to The End! Not only can you respawn your Ender Dragon to fight them again (requires some crafting but won’t go in to too much detail as never know what changes may happen) but you can go through a gateway to other islands similar to where you fight the dragon. The End City dungeons will have new blocks, the shulker mob and what seems to be a fruit you can eat.

There’s loads of other stuff such as better rendering of clouds, holding a map will show a mini map and millions of other stuff and that’s just PC. Console has had a recent update that so far my son has been very chuffed with and lots of talk about pocket edition at Minecon, though to be honest I don’t care about that myself. Any way love to hear what you’re excited to see when 1.9 comes out. What news from Minecon got you excited the most? Leave a comment and as always thanks for reading!

The Ultimate Live Streaming Setup

Hey everyone! Some of you may know that I often live stream over on Twitch  but I also took part in a survey by Dabs.com on The Ultimate Live Streaming Setup. Several live streamers took part and answered some questions such as what our current setup is like, what we love out of our current streaming equipment (mine got quoted in the article) and other information.


Whilst I’m still a small fish in a sea of way cooler looking fish, it was great to be asked for my thoughts and even be quoted in the article. My current setup is basic but I would love to get myself a Video Capture Card so I can live stream console games such as Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon.

On that note here’s the awesome article. Huge thanks to Dabs.com for including me and many other cool Twitch live streamers. It gives you an idea of the cost of doing it, some of the top channels on Twitch and programs we all use. Thanks for reading!