Doing It For Matilda Mae – Sponsored Buggy Walk

I’m not a very fit person and never have been. Infact for most of my life I was underweight, my ribs could be seen and yet I ate god awful amounts of unhealthy food along with eating meat, fruit and vegetables and no doctor ever found out why I looked like a skeleton with skin draped over me. But now I’m average weight for my height and starting to realise I need to get fit as I get out of breath fairly easily and I don’t want to end up down the line being super unhealthy and mega unfit and it affecting my life with those I love. So along with the fact I love to do charity work I decided to mix the two up and do something different. Sponsored Buggy Walk in memory of Matilda Mae.


You can read about the night the mother of Matilda Mae found her 9 month old girl forever asleep over on Edspire her blog where she continues to write about dealing  with the loss of her daughter as well as being their for her family. Matilda Mae was a healthy little girl and just mastered crawling. She slept in a cot in the same bedroom as her parents, was breastfed and all in all a very happy and beautiful girl with two siblings who also loved her very much. But sadly she was taken. The cause was SIDS which is short for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We have ways to help lower the risks of SIDS but really we don’t actually know why it happens. It’s awful to think about but over 300 babies in the UK die to SIDS.

In 1991 FSIDS (Now known as Lullaby Trust) began a campaign to reduce the risk of cot death with information leaflets and was the first time parents were given clear guidelines and steps to reduce the risk. It has since been recommended to lay baby on their back when they go to sleep, not smoke and make sure baby doesn’t overheat. Other factors that have come up in recent years that reduce the risk are breastfeeding, room sharing and using a dummy. Cases of cot death is slowly falling with thanks to charities such as Lullaby Trust who have worked hard to give correct information and help to parents. But for those who have lost a baby to SIDS they can still turn to Lullaby Trust for help with bereavement and support.

For that reason I want to raise money to help parents like Jennie (Edspire) by doing a sponsored Buggy Walk. I will be doing 3 miles pushing a buggy around and all I ask is for you to donate. I’m not asking you to send over £20 or £5. Infact if each of my readers just donated £1 (remember gift aid doesn’t cost you and all you have to be is a UK Taxpayer) I’ll hit my £250 target without any problems. If you’re reading this on a mobile device then you can even donate by texting PMBW92 then the amount to 70070 (eg: PMBW92 £1). You can just go to Petit Mom’s Buggy Walk Page over on Just Giving and donate that way. And please spread the word to friends, family, anyone you think would like to help put some money towards a worthy cause and help parents in the UK who have lost a baby.

Thank you for  reading and wish me luck!

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