Grandparents Spending Spree on Unborn Grandchild

Research conducted by The Baby Show discovered that grandparents to be are now by far the biggest spenders when it comes to their unborn grandchildren.

A survey of over 1000 visitors at The Baby Show in 2012 found that grandparents spent an average £809 on pre and post show purchases for the new arrival, with the most popular items being expensive essentials such as a pram, car seat, cot or other nursery furniture. The figure is around £100 more than the average amount spent by mums and dads.

The help provided by grandparents does not stop at baby equipment. Around 10.4 million British pensioners provide some form of regular childcare and 6% of first time buyers receive help with deposits from their grandparents. Today’s grandchildren can also expect to receive help with other significant events in their lives such as school fees, buying a car or getting married.

Nicole Muller, Show Director for The Baby Show, said “Expectant grandparents, excited by the prospect of a new grandson or granddaughter, seem more willing than ever to help out financially and ensure the new addition to the family has the very best start in life. We already know that grandparents are playing an ever greater role in helping us to bring up our children, but this research shows that a grandparent’s contribution begins even earlier than we thought.”

Petit Boy’s grandparent did buy us a few things as well as find some family friends who had stuff they wanted to sell off. These things included a travel-system (with infant car seat), clothes, a cot (a family heirloom), car seat for when he was older, wardrobe, drawers, moses basket, bedding, the list goes on. We cannot thank them enough for all their help!

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