John Lewis Lighting Up Your Home

I remember when living with my parents my cousin was going to get married soon and one of the things she asked for as wedding gift was gift cards, specially from her favourite shop which is John Lewis as they already owned a house, already had all the white appliances and really just wanted some nice stuff to buy such as bedding, kitchenware and… lighting.


I use to think John Lewis was a place I’d be out of touch with because it was so up-market and super posh for the likes of me but when I wandered out their Sheffield store I was proven wrong. Take their lighting section as an example. their Pendant lights and ceiling lights aren’t out of reach budget wise for us. A modern girls or boys striped shade for £15 is a good deal if you ask me from John Lewis. Thumbs up to them! And best of all you know the company for high quality products so you’re safe knowing you are buying from a good company which has over 40 stores within the UK as well as an online store where you can buy their products and get them delivered to your home.


Pendant lights are very fashionable in kitchen and dining areas at the moment and you can find them as cheap as £25 over on John Lewis’ website right now. Often seen with two or three of these hanging low just above the dining table. I’m a bit of a fan of the red one I have to admit and  fit that in to our dining area. We’re doing so much DIY right now and red is certainly a colour we’d go for in our dining room to give it some warmth and brighten it up.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post however they are my own words and how I feel. Thank you for reading!

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