Meet Petit Girl

I will have to post about the labour another time but she was born 7:02pm just 6lbs 4oz and 38 weeks and 5 days. Due to my GBS I was given antibiotics drip but was only in labour for 3 hours so was observed for 24 hours to be sure she was okay. I was out of hospital by Tuesday evening. I was told I couldn’t use cloth nappies at the hospital but still took gNappies with disposable inserts and a few newborn cloth nappies as I was not letting this stop me and I have to say not a single leak so far and very impressed by the cloth nappies withstanding newborn poop. Anyway for now here’s some pictures! Thanks everybody on Twitter and Facebook, we’re all doing fine and dandy and getting the hang of baby life again.

IMG_1944In hospital, not even a day old in the only outfit that fitted at the time!

IMG_1949First Day home – still finding clothes that are way too big!



5 thoughts on “Meet Petit Girl

  1. Congratulations again, she really is perfect. Still jealous of how good you look in that photo – how is your hair not standing on end, your eyes not bloodshot and your skin not grey and sweat stained?!
    I didn’t know you couldn’t use cloth in hospital?! Why?

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