My Hospital Bag Mistakes

As you know I’ve given birth before so I’ve been there and done all that stuff and that includes organising my hospital bag. A have to admit I made a few mistakes and forgot a few things thinking they weren’t important. One thing I didn’t do was pack enough stuff for baby for an overnight stay. I just thought I’d give birth, they’d check us over and we’d be on our way home. Big mistake! Not going to do that one again. Here are things I didn’t pack they I will do this time.

Maternity Briefs – I thought they were a waste of money and just grabbed some cheap large underwear from Asda. Most of those ended up being binned so may as well have bought the Maternity briefs anyway.

Sleepsuits – Lots of them! You don’t know what may happen, they could have a poo explosion or a wee attack may happen and hospital’s don’t wash your clothes for you so make sure you have enough for at least an overnight stay. That way if you need to stay for longer you can least give the dirty outfits to your partner to wash and he can bring over fresh baby clothes in the morning. I think I had 2 sleepsuits and a going home outfit, it wasn’t enough!

Maternity Liners – The hospital gave me a few to take home but wished I bought some. Normal ones like Always even if you pick the thickest ones they won’t hold. These are made for after birth and take on a lot more than usual liners would take. You’ll need them for about a week.

Slippers – Oh god why didn’t I buy some slippers! I ended up wearing socks all the time but now I’ll be buying myself some comfy slippers to walk around in.

Cotton balls – Most hospitals won’t allow baby wipes so bring a bag of cotton balls for cleaning baby! My partner rushed off to Mothercare the second they opened their doors in the morning and lucky for him the staff there know what a new daddy looks like and helped him get everything he had on his list.

Breast pads – I only had a few of these and could have used more of them really. These are only if you are breastfeeding as you may find yourself waking up with boob milk soaked into your lovely bra.

So those were my hospital bag mistakes that I will fix this time round. I also think I need to master packing. They don’t tend to let you bring a huge suitcase so I brought my weekend bag but man it was tricky fitting all the stuff I needed in it and I still missed a few things out!

5 thoughts on “My Hospital Bag Mistakes

    • haha I saw the mess I left on the floor last time I gave birth, no way am I having that mess in my own damn home! Plus we’re rented, not sure how to explain blood stains to my landlord without him twitching to call the police.

  1. I found the maternity briefs SO uncomfortable that I ended up sending out the boys’ dad to buy some big cheap cotton pants at the first available opportunity when I’d had Zack!
    Breast pads are good even if you’re not feeding, because either way your boobs will leak at first. Also? When my milk came in (I couldn’t breastfeed either for different reasons) the whole cabbage leaves from the fridge thing? actually worked. Granted I smelled a bit funny but then that made sure I took time to have a shower every day once Z’s dad was home, so I was having that bit of R&R for myself by doing so.
    OMG with you on the vests and sleepsuits – even second time around I wish I’d packed more, and we were only at the hospital for 12 hours!!
    Also? Muslin clothes. Dozens of them. Absolute godsend. Don’t bother with the pretty and expensive ones – tesco or asda’s own do exactly the same and, lets face it, they’re going to be covered in spit up etc soon enough anyway!
    Ooh I’m so excited for you! 🙂 This way I don’t need to be broody because I can totally read and therefore live vicariously through you!

    • Oh we have loads of cheap terry towels and muslins as they are great for cleaning up stuff and for nappies as well! Remember running out of nappies one time whilst I was out so used a muslin and a wrap and voila!
      And yes I only packed something like 2 or 3 sleepsuits thinking that will be fine. HA! Just didn’t think that I’d be staying overnight and expected to give birth and go home. Whoops!

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