Oral Thrush, Bleeding Nipples & Sleepless Nights

You may have noticed the lack of blog posts recently. Well the reasons are in the subject of this post. Things have gotten rough.

To start off with Petit Girl was diagnosed with Oral Thrush. This is fungus found on the tongue and looks white, almost like milk but it doesn’t simply go away. Doctors will give babies with oral thrush an oral drop which you’ll drip into their mouth (for us it was 1ml four times a day) until it goes away. Another issue is breast feeding can mean you get it as we’ll on the nipples so be sure to get checked over as well.

Due to this nasty bacteria hanging around this made breast feeding rough. Petit Girl found latching on very hard and each mistake was painful for me. She’s even drawn blood from my nipples which was very painful to say the least. She’s getting better though and feeds are not as painful and mostly uncomfortable due to soreness and the fact they are now cracked. Some nipple shields and milk shields have been bought to help give my boobs a rest and the milk shields are great as I pop them on instead on disposable pads and they collect the milk. Then you put it in a milk bag or bottle and voila!

And last but no means least… Lack of sleep. It’s been a roller coaster and last night I cried as my nipple bled and I had been awake for over 3 hours after an unhappy wake up call in the night which didn’t stop no matter how many times I fed her or how many cuddles I gave her.

Tonight she has been awake since 11pm and finally at 3am after god knows how many feeds, cuddles, etc… She has finally settled down. It’s 3:33am right now and I’m so tired I can’t sleep if that makes sense. However Petit Boy was disturbed by his sister so he is currently unhappy and refusing to stay in his bed.

Wish me luck getting him to settle as we’ll!

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One thought on “Oral Thrush, Bleeding Nipples & Sleepless Nights

  1. Sending hugs……we are in a similar boat this end but with a nasty cold and apparently Isaac’s legs hurt! Hope you get some sleep xxx

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