Real Nappy Week – Memories

As it’s Real Nappy Week I decided to look over some of the stuff I have of Petit Boy when he was in cloth nappies. Some of you will know my little boy isn’t so little anymore and last week turned 3 years old. He’s also potty trained but with Petit Girl cooking in the oven (not literally!) I’ve still had a reason to feed my fluffy addiction! But here are some of my fluffy memories.



First cloth nappy ever worn was a Smartipants!

Cloth Nappy

Cruising about in his Dotty Bots One-size nappy!


First steps taken whilst in a Close Parent Pop-in Nappy

2012-10-06 15.23.16

Charlie Banana One-Size nappy tested and loved!

One thought on “Real Nappy Week – Memories

  1. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous wee man! Can’t believe he’s 3 already! I always loved the idea of cloth nappies, but when the boys were little I was in such a haze of babydom I didn’t even contemplate them!
    Wish I had now… Hoping to toilet train Max this summer, or I’d be looking into the possibility of larger cloth nappies for him.

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