Review: Freeva Cloth Nappies

I love testing out cloth nappies so when I met a fellow parent blogger who was not only a cloth nappy user but was also starting her own business with own branded cloth nappy I was super excited and couldn’t wait to try them out. I’ve mostly used sized nappies with my daughter and most of the inserts have been bamboo or hemp so to test out a one-size pocket nappy with microfibre on my daughter I was a little scared at first that it wouldn’t be as good as my other nappies.


I was proven wrong! Although Freeva nappies come with just one microfibre insert on its own it would last on my 7 month old daughter 3-4 hours and with persistent testing we never had a single leak with these. To be sure of no leaks around the legs once you have put the nappy on be sure to look around the leg area for any gaps, let your baby play with their feet and kick or if they are but too young for that then just give their legs a little wiggle around to get a good sense of fit. Gaps around the leg are the biggest cause of leaks in nappies and often people think it’s the nappy at fault. With the waist be sure you can fit at least two of your fingers between the nappy and your baby’s ever-growing belly and that will give you an idea of a good fit and reduce leaks.

With my Freeva nappies I also got details on how to use cloth nappies. Of course I know what to do but this is great to see that the company give helpful information. Remember once you get your Freeva nappies to wash and do a few rinse cycles. The more your nappies are washed the better the absorbency! In my case I did three washes, dried them and then took them for their first test. With one wet nappy that lasted 4 hours and the other 3 hours when I changed her to find the nappy still had room for more but kept the poop from getting out I was impressed. A well priced one-size nappy that works… hurray!

Freeva just opened for business this month so check out their website for all their nappies. Incase you’re wondering we have Holiday Heat and Flower Swirls. And to get you to enjoy Freeva nappies like we did we have a discount for all you lovely readers to use.

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