Share a Cuppa – What is it?

So I asked on twitter about this idea and people seemed to like it. Basically Share a Cuppa will be a chance for you to show off your cup or mug, tell us where you got it from or if you are out at a shop and enjoying a drink then why not tell us where it is so people can go there too and enjoy a great cuppa! It doesn’t have to be a cup of tea. You can show off your hot chocolate, coffee, herbal teas, whatever you like! This is more to enjoy all things cup and mug related. Why? Because if I’m honest I have a bit of an obsession with cups! And speaking to other people it would appear I am not alone in my mug love.

So next week I’ll be posting my cup, tell you a bit about where it is from and include a linky below. I have also made a badge for you to use on your blog and on your Share a Cuppa blog posts.

Hope to see you next week!

Share A Cuppa

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