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Welcome to the first Linky of Share a Cuppa! Here fellow bloggers of all kinds can share their lovely cups and mugs and tell us a bit about where you got it. If you want you can even tell us what you are drinking! If you’re picture is of a cup of something yummy at a cafe then why not tell us the name of the place so fellow drinkers can find the place and also pop in for a lovely cuppa!

So here is my cup for this week…

Share a Cuppa

Yes it is a Yorkie bar cup. This is actually my partner’s cup that he got one Easter with a Yorkie bar Easter egg. It just feels like the perfect cup to use considering their slogan, nothing like being a rebel! Anyway we bought some English Breakfast Twinning’s pods for our Tassimo a while back and decided to give them a go. It’s basically a techy way of making yourself a cup of tea as you still need to add milk and sugar/sweetener in yourself and it’s cheaper to just buy your own milk than it is to buy extra milk pods so yeah it just removes the use of our kettle and instead of a teabag you get a pod with a barcode on it. WOW! Still very tasty though and great when you feel extra lazy which in the morning I am VERY lazy indeed.

Share A Cuppa

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