Thrush and Antibiotics During Pregnancy

Thrush… and no I don’t mean the song bird, I picked that picture because well did you really want me to post an infected looking vagina? Anyway In my last pregnancy I had thrush a far amount of the time but the doctor just kept on giving me cream, cream and more cream. Now if you are pregnant and you think you have thrush then seek advice from your GP because most thrush creams you can buy in stores are not considered safe during pregnancy.

Another downside of thrush is you could also have an infection in your urine and worst case your kidneys. If the urine infection isn’t too bad then most likely your doctor will just ask you to drink lots of water to flush it out, however in most cases you’ll be given the evil of all drugs… antibiotics. I say evil because no matter what is wrong with you when you are given antibiotics they tend to mess you around for a good while. For me in this pregnancy I have been on 2 types of antibiotics. The first was a low dose as I was still in the early stages of pregnancy and the hospital (yes I ended up at A&E because my midwife thought due to the pain I was in I may have an ectopic pregnancy – thankfully not the case) didn’t want to shoot powerful drugs at me. Sadly these drugs barely shifted the infection so my GP had to give me some slightly stronger ones which really took their toll on me.

During all this I had to shove a pill up my vagina and rub cream around it like a baby’s bottom. Hey if you didn’t already guess this blog post was gonna get into detail from the heading then shame on you! Anyway I finished the lot and felt fine for a while. But then the itching came back. The desire to constantly scratch my lady parts was not just annoying but very concerning!

My GP checked my urine sample out and it came clear, as did the hospital when I went for blood tests who only said “a few white blood cells but nothing serious”. A few too many if you ask me as it got worse and my doctor gave me another tube of cream. Twice a day it says, I feel like it needs applying twice in the morning and twice at night as it’s just constant and irritating. My pee continues to smell odd which the GP and midwife both told me this is due to the antibiotics I was on previously and not to worry.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant today and it’s still got a bad smell and the itching still continues. My last check-up with my midwife she was concerned about my itching and the fact I previously had a kidney infection that left me bed bound so instead of doing basic testing right there she decided the lab at hospital could test for more than she can and just wait for a call. She did tell me that antibiotics can cause thrush and just to keep on top of the cream, but I had those antibiotics back in December so it didn’t totally put my mind at ease.

Today I was called by the nurse to say she has a prescription for antibiotics for me. So once again I will be back on the rough and wild road of antibiotics. In my most sarcastic voice ever… I cannot wait to get these pills and take them. Wish me luck.

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